Wednesday, September 27, 2017

What's Up Wednesday: September 2017 Edition

Hey ya'll! Cooler temps are supposedly on the way, and dare I say it's finally fall?! Like FINALLY?!  Over, the heat. OVER. IT. 

I'm back today to share another round of What's Up Wednesday -- where we catch up and answer these questions ....

What We're Eating This Week: Uhm BBQ. We had the fan bam over Monday night to celebrate this month's birthdays and I overestimated the consumption just a wee tiny bit. So, I've been packing everyone in the family lunch, adding smoked chicken to avocado toast and serving mac n' cheese to Lainey (it's her favorite) for nearly every meal. I'm not gonna lie though, I'm pretty excited about eating out tonight with my gal pals (for yet another bday celebration) and munching on something other than smokey meat. Ha!

What I'm reminiscing about: My birthday ... because even though I'm one year older ... birthdays are always fun! I mean when is waking up to presents and having your kiddos spit all over your birthday treat NOT the best day ever ?! :) Plus, I had a total "me" day had my nails did with my bestie, and even got my hurr did at drybar!
For some reason I can only find the "before" selfie I sent MaKenzie .... but the after was cute too. I had a little braid and curls -- let's be honest though ... it looked exactly the same as my hair does nearly ever day - HA!
And when Bruno Mars comes to town on your birthday ... it's NEVER a bad day!

What I'm loving: Watching my big guy play sports. We're officially in the thick of soccer season and flag football started last weekend, and little man is LOVING it. Shane and I were both athletes growing up, and we love watching him play all the games. "Soccer mom-ing" is my jam. 
Flag football and daddy is the coach
 He thinks he's so cool with his little mouth guard :)
What we've been up to: We have been SO. STINKING. BUSY. If it's not school, it's a meeting, if it's not a meeting it's a dinner, if it's not a dinner it's a party, if it's not a party, it's a game. Whew! Some days I struggle to keep up!

We celebrated my birthday with Shane's family at the LouCity game ... and Sissy even called ahead and brought homemade cake to the suite! Score!

We agreed to a Build A Bear stop on a random Saturday .. complete with stuffing fill,

 warming up our animals hearts.
 giving them lots of happy thoughts,
 making a big wish for their future,
 and giving them a big kiss with lots of love,
 and of course baths.
We've attended birthday parties + had our faces painted ...

What I'm dreading: Still November. November is going to be a HUGE visit (PET scan, CT scan, MRI of the abdomen, MRI of the brain, blood work, derm visit) THE WORKS. And there are a couple of really subtle spots they've been watching for a long time and we think this visit will kind of determine a decision one way or another (if they've changed). Sooo ... while it's still a while away - I'm dreading it. It's been heavy on my heart. 

What I'm working on: Would you believe me if I told you I'm getting ready to tackle ANOTHER construction project :) ?!! I know, I've officially lost my mind. But I met with the contractors last week to go over plans and we've filed for permits - so I'm crossing my fingers and diving in head first. More on that at a later date ... but let's just say I'm nervous and excited to the Nth degree. However, the use of these old doors as makeshift walls is totally an idea I'm stealing for this new little space and I think it's so great.
What I'm excited about: The mail :) ha! I've got some goodies on order and I've been checking the window to watch for the mail lady like a hawk. My blinds are also being installed today, so I'm also really excited to finally take my temporary accordion paper blinds down! Also, I'm excited our little guy is starting to eat some new foods! About a month ago we put our foot down and had a big family chat - BENNETT IT IS TIME TO START EATING! - And we all agreed he would try one new food every night at dinner. We decide what it is, and it's lots of things. Sometimes we choose things we know he'll love (like a donut) so that it's not miserable ALL the time ... but other times we choose black beans, it's a give and take but either way it's PROGRESS and I'll take it! He also has started to use band-aids (he used to hate them for some reason) .. and the other day he took "I'll wear band-aids now" to a whole new level. And that made me smile. He told me he was a zombie, so this was the only face he would make.

What I'm watching/reading: THIS IS US! It returned last night and I'm so excited about fall shows being back in the lineup! I also just wrapped Shauna Niequist's book, Present Over Perfect, and it was such a breath of fresh air in this busy little life of mine.

What I'm listening to: Game of Thrones - if I'm at my computer (which seems to be a lot lately) I"m streaming Game of Thrones. 

What I'm wearing: Hopefully the last of my summer wardrobe. Did I mention I'm OVER the heat? Because I am. We all adorned summer attire at the Company picnic this weekend and I am hoping that was the last social function of the year that we have to wear those threads! Bring it fall.

What I'm doing this weekend: I can't believe it, but we have a relatively low key weekend! We've got soccer and flag football of course - and we're toying with some Friday night plans - but the forecast is calling for fall temps and we're planning to finally spend some time around the house (garage, basement, etc) and tackling some tabled projects we've been putting off since we moved in. 

What I'm looking forward to next month: Ahh FALL! Pumpkins, apples, family photos, more football, Halloween, I really really like October. 

What else is new: We're starting to plan a little bit for Spring Break and some items that are on the horizon -- but other than that we're just working to tack our to do lists!

And that's about it folks, what's up with you this Wednesday?!

Friday, September 22, 2017

A Day In My Life

We went to our basement one night last week to have a movie night. Complete with popcorn, extra blankets, beverages for everyone and let the kiddos pic the feature film. Scrolling through their options they both easily agreed on Smurfs. And when the kids land on a "decent" family film that we haven't seen 400 times Hubs and I click "select" way too fast. We're in the "watch every movie we like on repeat" ALWAYS phase right now and while I love to listen to Branch (aka Justin Timberlake) sing his little Troll heart out - I'm about O.V.E.R. it :) 

So, Smurfs it was and we all snuggled up for movie night. If you've seen the movie you would probably agree with me, it's a solid mix between Trolls and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. All of the Smurfs have themed names based on what their talents are. I.e. Hefty is the strong one, Brainy is the smart one, etc. but the one that made us all laugh hysterically for some reason was Nosey - aka - the nosey/in everyone's business one. One scene in particular was in the beginning when everyone is being introduced and Nosey walks by a window, peers his little head in and in this silly voice said "Hey what's going on in here?!" - to which the Smurfs reply "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS" and he walks off and said "Oh, alright."

Not funny at all right? Right. Except his voice is spot on, and Bennett and I love to resight it to one another all the time and it makes us laugh - so I thought I would share :) Also, wanted to let you in on a little secret that Nosey Smurf is the inspiration behind today's post. I always love reading when other blogger's share their day. Nothing special, nothing fancy, just "A Day in The Life." It let's me be a little nosey and I also love spying on THOSE moms that seem to do EVERYTHING ... and I'm always "HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I WISH I COULD JUST SEE INTO THEIR LIFE FOR ONE DAY!" ... I am certainly NOT one of THOSE moms ... we barely keep things a float around here. But, nevertheless - if you're interested - here's "A Day In The Life." A Thursday to be exact. A Thursday in September 2017.

6:20 am ~ Shane heads to a Men's bible study early on Thursday mornings, so I got up soon after he left to start my day. About 6:20 I was pouring hot coffee in a quiet house in the morning. I should also note - this is a great perk about my husband - he makes the coffee everyday :) Usually we drink it out of Tervis Tumblers and it's almost always on my nightstand waiting for me before my feet ever hit the floor. But, on occasional mornings I prefer the warmth of holding a mug and cozying up.
 After a few sips of coffee and a little background morning news, I packed up Bennett's lunch box.
6:52 am ~ Then headed to my office to finish up some work before I needed to get the kiddos up for school. Bennett goes to school Tuesday - Friday and stays late on both Wednesday and Thursday. Lainey heads to school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has extended day on Thursday - so it's usually my full day to get A LOT done for the week. I had a session from the week before I was sending out, and needed to organize a few meetings and get some emails out in the inter webs.
 7:49 am ~And before I knew it - little miss was hollering "MOMMY, DADDY" Ya'll this girl is the happiest little on the planet. What person wakes up EVERYDAY with a smile from ear to ear and hugs galore?! Okay actually, both my mother and my husband do too ... but I certainly do not - NOT a morning person over here (and my sweet B isn't either), but little miss and her daddy are always so happy :) and she always looks so well rested.

 Then we got ready for school ... I always struggle with whether or not I should get her dressed before or after breakfast (because she's ridiculously messy) but this morning, Shane was gone I knew I didn't have an extra hand and we had time which meant we could give Bennett the extra time to sleep (which is always a good choice) ... so we got ready first.
 8:00 am ~ time to wake up Bubby! Complete with the "good morning to you - monkey song" our kiddos favorite and lots of kisses and snuggles while he was "still waking up" - his favorite thing to say in the mornings.
 I coaxed him into FINALLY getting out of bed with bribery and letting him know I had cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast :) Making my kiddos cinnamon rolls in the morning before school takes me straight back to my childhood. We were a cereal house for the most part during the week ... I have two brothers and it always seemed like we were rushing to head out the door to school ... BUT on the mornings my mom woke up early and had it all together she ALWAYS ALWAYS made cinnamon rolls and walking downstairs to that smell was THE BEST. The other times we didn't have cereal were the mornings dad took us to school (which was always WAYYY too early) and we'd have to wait in the cafeteria for school to start - BUT - it usually also included a McD's breakfast stop before school too -- which was also a great addition to the morning. But here's my little mini me - still tired and swollen and only awake because someone promised him something delicious :)
 8:15 am ~ we make our way to the kitchen, land on some morning cartoons we all agree are suitable for our breakfast and dig in.
 While the kiddos scarf some food - I tend to the rest of the morning chores before we have to scurry out the door - feed the dog, get the rest of the school bags packed and in the car, make sure I have all of my items I'll need for the day, etc.
 Then get mister Bennett dressed and head to the garage (it was purple day at school for B and we were hard pressed to find purple in his wardrobe - luckily our boys in purple - Louisville City - came through for us!)
  **** OKAY -- so here's a little something I'm sharing that was certainly the biggest LOW of my entire day -- and these photos were actually taken way later in the afternoon --- but need to be placed here to chronologically make sense. Y'all --- just thinking back and typing this is making me sweat. Alright, so I opened the garage door, turned the car ON to get some air flowing and opened the Bennett's back car do to let the kid "climb up" in their seats ... then I realized I'd forgotten to take Maggie out so I told them to hop in their seats while I walked Maggie to the patch of grass two feet away.

I turned my back to literally say "Maggie go potty" turned back around and THE GARAGE DOOR WAS CLOSED! The car was on, my keys were in the ignition, my phone was in my purse IN THE CAR, and SO WERE MY CHILDREN!!!!! Inside the garage, with a car running, near all kind of garage tools and stuff that still hasn't been properly put away since the move and I had NO WAY TO GET TO THEM!! Our garage does not have a keypad installed yet and my keys were in the car. I started FRANTICALLY screaming Bennett's name thinking I could coach him through how to help me, but he started screaming back that he had already buckled himself into his car seat (a great trick he knows how to do at literally EVERY moment but this one) and a straight PANICKED!

Everything went through my head - should I run to the neighbors? Do I kick in the brand new garage door, all the things that could go wrong, EVERYTHING! I started kicking the side door repeatedly, when I realized we have a side door with a glass top ... and a cute lawn owl (that also is a story for another time) that would be able to break the glass and I could unlock the door from the outside. So out come my mama bear claws and VOILA - I'm back inside. What felt like 3 hours was probably more like 5 minutes but HOLY SMOKES. Garage keypad will be installed next week :)

9:15 am - 20 minutes late for school and I need a shower - but both kids are dropped off and I'm a free woman for a few hours.
 9:30 am - I'm waiting at a body shop to get an estimate on my latest brilliant move of backing into my neighbors mailbox - such a great way to say welcome to the neighborhood - DUNCE CAP. Luckily Fixer Upper was on in the waiting room :) PERK!

 10:15 am - I realize in the midst of the breaking the window craziness I forgot to grab my breakfast - so after my car appointment I was STARVING, and certainly needed more coffee.
 10:45 am ~ I had a bunch of errands to run - so that took up most of my time until it was time to pick up little Lou Bug.
 12:00 pm ~ Lainey usually has extended day on Thursdays, but she couldn't this week - so I had to  snag little Miss from school at normal time and we headed home to have some lunch.
 12:30 pm~ lunch time for me and little bit. We chatted about her day while I sorted through the mail.

 1:15 pm ~ I laid little miss down for her afternoon nap and headed back to my office to finish the work I'd started that morning. Emails never end folks. Neither does laundry. While I tackled some afternoon work, I also streamed Game of Thrones on HBO Go because it's currently on my much watch list. I've just started season 4 and cannot believe the way season 3 ended! AHHH!

This is also usually where Hubs and I check in with one another about our days - he was in Evansville helping with the canning line for the new Falls City Beer can launch, so he was sending me all the photos like a kid in a candy store. 
 3:39 pm ~ I woke little miss up from her nap around 2:40 and we loaded up the car once again to snag her brother from his extended day. After we picked him up we headed to the mall. My mom needed me to check something out for her so we stopped in real quick and then took a few minutes to have a cookie break and throw some monies into the fountain.

 4:45 pm ~ we're finished with our errands and business for the day and head home to play, hang and be home! Everything from stickers, to Trolls bowling, sidewalk chalk, and hide and seek. We also set up our Himylayan salt lamp that I've been wanting to try and the kids loved the fancy orange glow!

 6:20 pm ~ their sassy attitudes remind me it's time to start thinking about dinner. Shane was headed to Cinci for the Thursday night Bengals game which meant I was home alone with the littles and also meant I was splurging on dinner :) Postmates sushi for me. YAY!

 And leftover pizza and fruit for the kiddos!
 While the kids ate dinner, we worked on our monthly Highlights magazine that had arrived (B really loves the hidden picture puzzles)

7:00 pm ~ After the kiddos were done eating I sent them to the basement to bounce off the last bit of energy before bedtime, while I called our alarm company to handle some doorbell issues we've been having, and wait for my dinner to arrive (postmates was way behind). Dinner arrived. The doorbell was working, the kids were playing nicely and I sat down to listen to my book and eat my dinner in peace ...
But, that's hilarious because after two pieces of Sushi the kids were screaming at each other. Lainey was crying "Bubby hit me" and Bennett was arguing his case that it didn't happen the way she was saying it went down. So, my yummy sushi sat on the counter while I played bounce house and basement toys to avoid anymore nighttime meltdowns. BTW - this bounce house is from Amazon, we bought it for Bennett's 3rd birthday party on their Cyber Monday sale and it was the best money we EVER spent!

 Daddy sent us "look how much fun I'm having" pictures and I secretly roll my eyes while I break up yet another fight :) hah!
8:15 pm ~ mama calls the bath and bedtime alarm .. and while I'm scrubbing off my makeup, I hear Bennett yelling LAINEY DON'T DO THAT! and come back in the bathroom to find her "helping" her stuffed animals go potty -- which translates as completely summering them into the toilet. Which reminds me, they are currently still int he guest bathtub and I should probably throw those things in the washer.  RASCALS!!

8:40 pm ~ We put on our pjs, brush our teeth, take our allergy medicines, and pick a couple of books to read together. Bennett was EXHAUSTED - so I tucked him in first, kissed him goodnight and little Lou and I headed to her room for a few more books that are better suited for her age before tucking her in.
 9:00 pm ~ the house is silent, dinner is FINALLY served and Game of Thrones is streaming once again. I head to bed around 10:45 and wake up to do {most} of it all again the very next day! :)
And there you have it folks! A day in the life. Nothing glamorous, nothing fancy - just a normal day for us. And we're glad to have them. Cheers to many more normal days ~ and the freakin' weekend!